Commercial Cleaning

Apartments cleaning

Magical Maids provides services that keep homes and apartments clean, right down to the little details. Cleaning your apartments/homes not only takes away from time you might spend enjoying the city bust also steals time you might spend simply enjoy your apartment. We do respect your time and value for money.

Shopping malls Cleaning Services

We provide a pleasant shopping experience with a clean and safe environment for shoppers to purchase their goods with peace of mind. We provide day shift, swing shift, or grave shift janitors to clean during peak and off time hours. Ensure that the food court and general shopping mall areas are kept clean when you select Magical Maids Cleaning as your cleaning provider. We provide shopping mall cleaning services for businesses of all magnitude. We are reliable, so call on us whether you need shopping mall cleaning services during shopping hours, or after shopping hours. Contact Magical Maids Cleaners and we can develop a plan to meet your specific Shopping Mall Cleaning needs.

Hospitals Cleaning Services

Cleaning and maintenance of healthcare facilities constitutes an entire field of expertise all on its own, as these services need to be carried out in accordance with very strict rules and standards. From collection of waste materials to disinfecting, everything to do with maintaining these types of premises must be undertaken by a knowledgeable, experienced team in this field. Magical Maids Cleaners has a vast experience in maintaining these types of facilities and as a result, have developed real expertise in these specialized requirements. This means we are able to meet the specific needs of medical centres, pharmaceutical facilities, laboratories and other sectors within the healthcare profession.

Commercial offices cleaning

We provide corporate office cleaning services to commercial and professional offices. A clean office makes a good impression on employees and visitors as well. Therefore, we uphold a strong commitment in ensuring your office is clean by providing our customers with consistent cleaning program.

Post Construction Cleaning

Magical Maid Kenya provides expert eco-friendly post construction and renovation cleaning services. When your construction is complete, look to Magical Maids cleaners to provide final, thorough and detailed cleaning that’s needed after construction debris has been removed. Our post construction tasks include, dusting air diffusers, cleaning lights, damp cleaning restroom fixtures, spot cleaning walls, spot cleaning interior glass, damp mopping hard-surface floors but not limited to other construction clean-up need on site. Magical Maids cleaners restore your post construction or renovation space to glorious perfection in which you can see your reflection.

Restaurants Cleaning Services

We provide the best restaurant cleaning to make sure your kitchen and dining areas are clean, fresh for the customers. With professional restaurant cleaning services, your cooks will have a sanitized work environment and your guests an immaculate dining area. Magical Maids cleaners’ restaurant services include:  A superior and cleaner restaurant, from kitchen to dining area  Dedicated and experienced staff  24-hour operations support and measured inspections

Institutional Cleaning Services

Institutions have their own set of special needs and requirements in terms of regular cleaning and maintenance due to the number of visitors and users at their facilities. Institutions are much like actual cities with their many different amenities and therefore require skilled personnel to perform their cleaning and maintenance duties to meet those specific needs. Magical Maids Cleaners provides superior facility cleaning and maintenance services to Universities and institutions. Our cleaning and maintenance services encompass all necessary requirements for each of the various activities and facilities on the University campus. Thus, we adapt our services to meet the special needs of each institution, always in compliance with the highest industry standards.